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Climate Governance Singapore Overview

Vision of CGS

For board members in Singapore to be fully equipped to help future-proof businesses against climate change, and to serve as examples for other board members in Asia and globally.

Mission of CGS
  1. Promote the implementation of the WEF Climate Governance Principles
  2. Develop and mobilise a network of informed board members to consider strategies and encourage corporate actions on climate change and its consequences
  3. Increase awareness of climate change as a corporate issue at the board level
  4. Equip board members to lead boardroom discussions on the impacts of climate change and embed climate considerations in boardroom’s strategic decision making

The CGS content and curriculum roadmap for 2021/2022 led by SMU can be summarised in the illustration below:

Types of Engagement

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Domains of Knowledge

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Areas of Expertise

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Tier 1
Curation and Maintenance of Content Library
Tier 2
Curation and Delivery of Training
Tier 3
Advocacy, Outreach and Engagement
Understanding the climate challenge
Science of Climate Change
Global Impact and Response
Standards and Measurements
Law, Policy and Regulations
Disclosure and Reporting
Taxes Subsidies and Mandates
Climate Litigation
Implications for business
Risks and Oppotunities
Climate Finance
Managing Change and the Ecosystem
Implications for the Board
Governance & Stakeholder Engagement
Strategic Planning
Organizational Alignment
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